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Sustainable Change. Meaningful Impact.  

Since 2010. 05 Continents. 20+ Countries. 

A strategy consultancy with global reach, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with representation in the US, Latin America, the UAE and North Africa.

Drive positive outcomes across various aspects of your operations, from efficiency and innovation to customer experience and employee well-being. 

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The Intersection of Intelligent Automation and Generative AI

In Person or Virtual 

Why you should attend? 

AI adoption is a significant organizational change initiative. Understanding the impact of the Intelligent Automation and Generative AI Framework (TM) on your organization is time-sensitive and critical. 

Neglecting human dimensions will result in the erosion of trust across your organization, ultimately leading to ineffective solutions and limited adoption. 



Beyond Podcast 

We invite trailblazers, scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators to the show for inspiring perspectives on a meaningful and sustainable way forward. 

Listen to our monthly podcast episodes on Spotify, Apple, and Audible.

Join us as we redefine corporate culture through a blend of wisdom, innovation, and well-being. 

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Ignite Culture. Harmonize Ancestral Wisdom.

Embark on a meaningful journey with us in unique locales off the beaten path in the US, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

In collaboration with esteemed partners, we bring you insights from keynote speakers, innovators, and renowned experts.

  • Align teams on goals and mission 

  • Boost team morale across your organization 

  • Reduce conflict and foster trust 

  • Enable a culture of innovation 

  • Execute your leadership development program with renowned experts and thought leaders 

  • Share your company results while enjoying authentic cultures off the beaten path 

  • Educate leadership and team on longevity and well-being 


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Clear, concise and logical steps were taken by Nihad and her team to align with our schedule of work. There were no surprises other than what she was able to uncover thanks to her ability to communicate with all levels of staff within the organization.

Bryan Price 

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Nihad is a bright, intelligent business leader with an international perspective. She articulates facets of business and culture that others do not see. Our interactions have expanded my view and allowed me to consider things I would not have without her counsel. 

Joseph (Joe) Frankie III

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Nihad and Team are exceptional in their ability to understand the company’s culture and dynamics,  in terms of creating a prudent plan to scale the business. We were beneficiaries of Nihad’s decades of experience and skillset from a global perspective !

Rick Bachalot

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