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You Have a Vision. We Have a Way to Get You There.

Acquence Solutions Inc.

A strategy and business transformation consultancy with global reach, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. 

Our primary focus is facilitating organizational design and culture alignment to enable innovation, increase resilience and help you realize your vision.


  My Story  

I started my career working for Fortune 500 companies ― An ex-pat focused on travelling, studying, and supporting communities. I was then in corporate finance, and within a few years, I had built a joint venture in London, UK. By then, in my late 20s, I realized that building businesses and aligning cultures was what I was passionate about. In 2007, I reinvented my network after moving to North America, and by 2010 had co-founded Acquence Solutions. Delivering business transformation projects and turnarounds led me to focus on behavioural design, which set me on a fulfilling servant leadership journey.

It's all about you ― helping you, your teams, and your organizations anticipate, innovate, adapt, and pivot in an ever-changing environment.

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Experience our thinking process

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Local With Global Reach 

Our diverse global expertise and knowledge gives us natural powers in culture and organizational alignment.


We've been a trusted advisor to leading organizations over the past 13 years in more than 20 countries on five continents.


Our business acumen is enhanced by a solid foundation in science and formal education and training in behavioural design. 

Past Clients Have Said 


“Excellent work executing the Chief Innovation Officer’s vision to successfully manage our people, our teams, and our Innovative culture. We are all pleased with your guidance, which empowered us in our day-to-day management. We look forward to where we will improve next year.” 

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