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Surviving an Economic Downturn

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CEO Benchmarking Report 2021

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Using Values to Drive Strategic Planning

"When Hurricane Sandy struck the mid-Atlantic coast, in October 2012, thousands of Guardian employees in New York and New Jersey were affected, and company headquarters was flooded by five feet of water. Two days later all the team members had been accounted for; some had been put up in hotel rooms, others had been supplied with generators, and Guardian had created a fund to cover employees’ hurricane-related costs."

When are Face to Face Interactions Needed?

"Excellent blended management development experiences are essential foundations for both short- and long-term business success. The challenge going forward is to understand the enduring value of focused, face-to-face experiences and then leverage virtual ones to augment and extend them."

An Agile Approach to Change Management

"In the wake of Covid-19, organizations are fundamentally rethinking their product and service portfolios, reinventing their supply chains, pursuing large-scale organizational restructuring and digital transformation, and rebuilding to correct systemic racism from the ground up. Traditional change management process won’t cut it. The author borrows from agile software development processes to reinvent the change management playbook."

How to Build Organizational Confidence

"Organizational confidence is different from your own personal confidence. Your confidence may be high or low. I hope it’s high, but even if it’s not you can have systems in place to make sure your company is executing with precision and velocity no matter how you feel."

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