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Our Valued Partners

We align ourselves with experts who share our values and dedication.


Our partnerships are an extension of ourselves and help us achieve added value for our clients.

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The Predictive Index

We leverage science and 65 years of data to help you understand what drives behaviours at work, design innovation cultures, ignite enthusiasm, build winning teams and help you achieve organizational alignment in today's everchanging landscape.


Viridis Terra International

Through Viridis Terra International, we provide an opportunity for our clients to contribute globally to poverty alleviation and land restoration initiatives. All with the required credibility and transparency through high-quality carbon offsets.

In a Meeting

JFIII Associates LLC 

Leading strategic change requires alignment at the executive level. JFIII Assiciates LLC is an executive coaching, branding and talent consultancy. Joe Frankie III, the CEO, formerly President of selection boards for SVPs and VPs, has mentored and coached executive leaders for over two decades. He's also a retired Colonel after serving with passion and dedication for many years in the US Army. 

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